engineered wood strand mulch


• Resistant to high winds- 50+mph sustained, 80+mph gusts

• Can be used on steep slopes 70%

• Easily applied by hand, straw blower or helicopter

• No seeds, chemicals (no chemical runoff) or dust

• No crimping, stapling or tackifying

• Long lasting benefits- 7+ yrs

• Retains moisture, increases infiltration

• Provides shade and structure for seeds and seedlings

• Stabilizes soil temperature

• Reduces seed predation and damage to plants from grazing

• Prevents rilling, slows sheet flow and reduces raindrop impact

• Reduces soil compaction

• Animals won't eat it

• Won't trap wildlife

• Walk/drive on it

• Reduces airborne particulates- PM10s

• Requires no water

• Can be applied over snow

• Can be applied on frozen ground in freezing temperatures

• Can be applied in windy conditions- increases work window

• Can be seeded over or under- broadcast, hydro or drill seed

• Immobilizes N to help control invasive plants

• Adds organic material to soil- increasing soil productivity

• Allows air and light to reach soil surface

• Creates micro-environment

• Less machine time to apply- reducing emissions