engineered wood strand mulch


Technical Reports:

A Wood Strand Material for Wind Erosion Control: Effects on Total Sediment Loss (2009)


ESR 3 Year Re-vegetation Monitoring Report Following the 2005 Snake One Fire (2008)


Field Testing of Wood based Biomass Erosion Control Materials on Obliterated Roads (2007)


Evaluating Material Properties to Optimize Wood Strands for Wind Erosion Control (2006)


Performance Assessment of Wood Strand Erosion Control Materials Among Varying Slopes, Soil Textures, and Cover Amounts (2006)


Field Performance of Long-Strand Wood Erosion Control Mulch and Agricultural Straw Under Natural Rainfall Events (2005)


Comparison of Erosion Reduction Between Wood Strands and Agricultural Straw (2003)


Post-fire mulching for runoff and erosion mitigation- Part I: Effectiveness at reducing hillslope erosion rates (2012)


Post-Fire Erosion Control Mulches Alter Belowground Processes and Nitrate Reductase Activity of a Perennial Forb, Heartleaf Arnica (Arnica cordifolia) (2014)





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